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10 Reputable Websites Offering Free Online Classes

There are a number of websites offering free online classes you can take in your spare time. They provide amazing opportunities for some personal and professional development, particularly for people on a tight budget or who've struggled to find the money or time to attend or finish college.

Taking web courses teaches you new skills that bolster your resume and job prospects, make you a more valuable employee, and maybe even help you discover a whole new career path. The websites offering free online classes that we've included below are all reputable sites, with coursework put together by experts.

So, check out these sites for no-cost ways to feed your mind, attain more highly marketable skills, improve your chances of finding a new job, or build up some additional points in your favor if you want to ask for a promotion or a raise at work.

Note that most of these sites have a mix of free and paid courses. Many allow you to search specifically for free options. If you do want to expand into paid coursework, there are plenty of low-cost offerings.

Places to Take Free Online Courses

  1. You can pretty much get an entire college education for free at Coursera.
  1. Udemy offers free classes in a wide variety of subject areas related to professional skills.
  1. Alison is another site with a selection of courses in many different subject areas.
  1. Similar to Coursera, EdX is a site where you can take college classes online.
  1. FutureLearn specializes in free classes for career development and college coursework.
  1. If you want to learn about programming, web development, and computer science, Udacity is a good place to go.
  1. Codecademy is another site with lots of free programming and coding classes.
  1. And then there's Code, another option for coding and related educational material. This site even offers courses for kids.
  1. To get acquainted with digital marketing and even get some free certifications, check out HubSpot Academy.
  1. For purely academic free online college classes, visit the Academic Earth website.