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About Us

The (CHA) began in April 1967 as a public service agency, and is committed to providing excellent service to all program participants, families and owners in the community.
The mission of Conway Housing Authority (CHA) is to assist low-income families with safe, decent, and affordable housing opportunities. We strive to achieve self-sufficiency and improve the quality of their lives. HAC creates and maintains partnerships with its clients, landlords and appropriate community agencies in order to accomplish this mission.

CHA standards include:

  • Administer applicable federal and state laws and regulations to achieve high ratings in compliance measurement indicators while maintaining efficiency in program operation to ensure fair and consistent treatment of clients served.
  • Provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing in compliance with program housing quality standards for very low-income families while ensuring that family rents are fair, reasonable and affordable.
  • Encourage self-sufficiency of participant families and assist in the expansion of family opportunities, which address educational, socio-economic, recreational and other human services needs.
  • Promote fair housing and the opportunity for very low-income families of all ethnic backgrounds to experience freedom of housing choice.
  • Promote a housing program which maintains quality service and integrity while providing an incentive to private property owners to rent to very low-income families.
  • Promote a market-driven housing program that will help qualified low-income families be successful in obtaining affordable housing and increase the supply of housing choices for such families.
  • Create positive public awareness and expand the level of family, owner and community support in accomplishing CHA's mission.
  • Attain and maintain a high level of standards and professionalism in day-to-day management of all program components.
  • Administer an efficient, high-performing agency through continuous improvement of CHA's support systems and commitment to our employees and their development.

CHA will make every effort to keep program participants informed of HCV program rules and regulations and to advise participants of how the program rules.